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Monolithic Magnesia Refractories



Monolithic magnesia refractories include gunning material, ramming material, castable material, coating material and mortar which are mainly used for the making and mending of bottoms and linings of high temperature furnace. Since the manufacturing processes of most of these materials are of similarity here we basically introduce that of gunning material. 


1. Gunning Material

Taking sintered magnesite and/or sintered dolomite and some materials of magnesium and calcium substance as aggregate, it is, made under specific blending ratio and various additives and inorganic binders, featured by quick solvency, instant hardening, low rebound elasticity and easy gunning operation. It is mainly used for the mending of magnesia carbon based or magnesia based linings of various basic steel making furnaces. 


2. Dry Ramming Material for the Bottom of Electric Arc Furnace

It is made of some high purity materials finely through processes of batching, shaping, sintering and synthesizing then crushing, screening and final blending. It is featured by quick sintering, high density, high strength, good thermal resistance and volume stability and widely used in making the bottoms of various electric arc furnaces. Its characteristics have come up to Austrian standards of same kind and its serving lives have come up to and even beyond the standards of same kinds imported from some Western countries.


3. Magnesia Tundish Coating Material

This product is made of two kinds of high quality magnesia adding some auxiliary materials such as composite binders, composite antiknock reagent, intensifying agent, plasticity agent and water reducer. It is featured by many excellent performances like easy operation, non-cracking under firing, good resistance against molten steel and slag corrosion and easy dis-assembly.


4. Magnesia Mortar

This product is made of finely ground magnesia and featured by good evenness and stability of chemical composition and sintering by air-hardening. It is favorable refractory mortar for furnace mending and magnesia based refractory bricks laying. 



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