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The ANSHAN HAIMAG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD. (shorted as HAIMAG INT'L, former name was the China Metallurgical Import & Export Liaoning Magnesite Company) is a state-owned import and export company integrating trade with technology and industry, which was approved for establishment by the Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission of Liaoning Province in September 1987. It originally belonged to the former Liaoning Magnesite Company (later name was the Liaoning Magnesite & Refractories Corporation) that is under the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry of China. The HAIMAG INT'L primarily exported products made by the affiliated plants and mines of the Corporation as well as imported some raw materials related to their products and some relevant equipment and spare parts needed by them.

With deepening reform on China's economic systems, the Liaoning Magnesite & Refractories Corporation was divided, in September 1995,  into three separate economic entities whilst the HAIMAG INT'L was then merged into one of the biggest affiliates of the Corporation - the Haicheng Magnesite & Refractories General Plant (former name was the Haicheng Magnesite Mine, and changed to a new name of the HAICHENG MAGNESITE GROUP CO., LTD. shorted as Haimag ), which possesses of most superior quality magnesite resources and complete sets of advanced magnesite processing facilities in the region. The CMIE LMC primarily exported products made by the Plant therewith and some others.

Since March 2001, approved by the Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the right for foreign trade and economic cooperation for the HAIMAG INT'L has been broadened to operate or act as agent for the import and export operations of all kinds of commodities and techniques (except those of exclusive or prohibited business stipulated by the governments) as well as trades of processing imported materials and three types of processing (processing with materials, processing according to samples and assembling parts supplied by investor or clients) plus compensation trades, counter trade and transit trade.

For many year, relying on the former Liaoning Magnesite & Refractories Corporation and its plants, mines and scientific research institutes especially on the advantages of resources and technologies of Haimag, a large-scale state-owned enterprise of 70 years history dominating in magnesite refractories field, the HAIMAG INT'L initiated the exportation of Chinese magnesite refractory products into world market and the introduction of relevant advanced foreign equipment and technology into China. As one of the leading suppliers capable of at one time meeting demands by foreign customers of diversified magnesite refractory products, the HAIMAG INT'L, from time to time, adheres to operate in a good faith, ensures supplying of good quality products and services, maintains product price levels on a fair basis, so as to continuously make contribution to the stably development of China's magnesite products in the world market and also to the enhancement of economical and technological exchange and cooperation between domestic and abroad magnesite circles.

In addition to the magnesite refractory products, the HAIMAG INT'L, with import and export rights broadening, are doing efforts to extend and develop its business operation to all other commodities and techniques among partners, customers, and traders home and abroad.So far, the main export catalogues of the HAIMAG INT'L include raw magnesite, calcined magnesite, dead burned magnesite, fused magnesite, synthetic magnesia refractories, monolithic magnesia refractories, magnesia-based bricks, magnesite-based chemicals, other minerals (talc, feldspar, albite, brucite, calcite, forsterite, jade, dolomite etc), some metallurgical and chemical products. List of import includes some refractory minerals, equipment, techniques and spare parts.

In March 2021, the company changed its name from the China Metallurgical Import & Export Liaoning Magnesite Company to the ANSHAN HAIMAG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.




- HAIMAG INT'L - since 1987 -

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